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Community, Safety, and Prosperity

Joel Langlois is a longtime West Michigan businessman and former owner of the DeltaPlex Arena in Walker, current owner of a manufacturing company, major real estate holdings and a live music venue in Grand Rapids.

In addition to his businesses, he is a volunteer Reserve Deputy for the Kent County Sheriff Department. He and his wife, Lee Anne, have been foster parents and have served on many boards and committees throughout Kent County including the Kent County Sheriff Traffic Squad, West Michigan Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Charities West Michigan and others. Joel and Lee Anne live in Alpine Township and have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

“I understand what it takes to raise a family in our community. I am often frustrated by the feeling that we are unimportant to our County and Municipal officials. I will work to hold our government accountable. Residents of the 2nd district deserve and should expect full and effective representation.”

“I am looking forward to serving the people of Kent County. I will support our farmers, small business people and the residents of District 2. I will work to solve problems and improve the lives of our residents.”

Joel Langlois' Priorities

Joel Langlois is committed to enhancing public safety, ensuring fiscal accountability, scrutinizing millage issues, championing small business growth, supporting community needs, and providing effective representation for District 2 residents to improve their lives and solve local problems.

Public Safety

Support and strengthen the Sheriff Department with adequate budget and funding for staffing, training, and equipment.

Fiscal Accountability

Analyze discretionary spending and prioritize essential services to ensure effective use of taxpayer dollars.

Millage Scrutiny

Question issues leading to additional millages and advocate for lowering millage rates through fiscal stewardship.

Small Business Growth

Promote small business growth and prosperity, recognizing its vital role in the local economy.

Community Support

Analyze discretionary spending and prioritize essential services to ensure effective use of taxpayer dollars.

Effective Representation

Ensure residents receive full, effective representation by holding government accountable to community needs.

Community, Safety, and Prosperity

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